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About Us

Quick Bio

Robin Menen | Senior Partner
Robin has run and lead several mulitifaceted-front facing financial brokerage firms, having established his credentials for over 20 years in the UK and a further 7 years internationally. This wealth of expertise is now available within the highly complex and competitive arena of 'Bridge Financing' within the UK.

William Arayn | Partner
With extensive multiregional experience, William brings a wealth of of knowledge and banking/investor connections from not only the UK but also the MENA region. This allows for a much broader and less traditional underwriting approach for our clients.

Founded in January 2017, Blue Star Capital Management Limited brings a wealth of local and international financial expertise to the table. The company is headed by senior brokers William Arayn and Robin Menen, who between them have over 40 years of experience in the financial industry, providing clients with all kinds of funding over the years. Whilst we specialise in Bridging Finance, we are equally happy to extend our resources for Development Finance, Venture Capital and Project Finance.

In managing and facilitating transactions of this magnitude, our core beliefs are best narrowed down to the following 5 points that define the ethos of our organisation:

Always Active

We believe active management drives long-term performance. That’s why we aim to anticipate trends and find opportunities, rather than following the market.

Original Thinking

You can’t be out in front if you’re copying everyone else. That’s why our managers do their own analysis and benefit from the unique perspectives of our in-house researchers.

Following Our Own Route

Our talented managers follow their convictions, not the crowd. Just because everyone is going one way, doesn’t mean it’s the right way, so our experts take their own approaches.

Focused on the Road Ahead

When we know and understand a company’s long-term potential, we don’t get distracted by short-term market noise during the journey.

A Consistent Approach

Fads and fashions come and go, but we don’t let them distract us from our long-term goals. That’s why our investment principles always stay the same.

Standard Terms & Conditions:
Our Standard Brokerage fee is 2% of any Gross Loan payable upon loan Completion/Offer ( 3% on Overdraft facilities ).
Our Standard Loan Extension/Renewal/Rollover fee is 1% of Gross Loan payable upon loan Completion/Offer.

Disclaimer: Blue Star Capital Management Limited does not make any Lending or Credit decisions. We are not a Lender, but a Licenced Financial Intermediary and use a bespoke panel of Lenders.

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